What’s really happening in Syria? Each one of the riots during the called “Arab spring” stated several claims buried and were catalyzed by different methods. But behind the scene, major power of international geopolitical are rearranging pieces on the chessboard of the Middle East. Read full article

Realesed Aug 27, 2011

Redrawing the Middle East: is possible a New Map in the Muslim World?
What's behind the protest in the Arab world? Is it possible to reconfigure the region? A century ago the Western powers drew borders arbitrarily establishing monarchies that now it could change once again. Read full article
Realesed June 4, 2011

How the Iranophobia creates billions for Western military industrial complex 

America’s joint with Middle Eastern totalitarian regimes generate business for tens of billions of dollars per year. The phantom of Iran threat involves a massive transfer of money and resources from the Arabian Peninsula to Europe and the United States, going down in an unprecedented recession, but boosting an industry to "Chinese rates": the military industrial complex. Read full article
Realesed March 9, 2011